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Fort Wayne Youtheatre's 2022-23 Season

Robyn Hood: Heroine of Sherwood Forest, First Presbyterian Theater, September 30-October 2

Youtheatre gives the middle ages the girl boss treatment! When the brave men and knights of England were off fighting The Crusades, no one was left to defend the sick, the poor, the very young or the very old. That was…until one brave girl, Robyn Hood, stood up and became a hero against the ruthless powers-that-be. Packed with thrills, sword fights and familiar characters like Friar Tuck and the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robyn Hood: HEROINE of Sherwood Forest hits the bulls-eye with a new twist on a classic tale!

Written and Directed by Todd Espeland

Frozen, Jr. – First Presbyterian Theater, December 9-18

Back for the holidays by popular demand! A story of true love and acceptance between sisters, Frozen Jr. brings to life the journey between Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. When faced with danger, the two discover their hidden potential and the powerful bond of sisterhood. Based on the 2018 Broadway musical, this show features all of the memorable songs from the animated film, plus five new songs written for Broadway. With a cast of beloved characters that’s loaded with magic, adventure, and plenty of humor, Frozen Jr. is sure to thaw even the coldest heart!

Directed by Christopher J. Murphy

Choreography By Heather Closson

Music Direction by Ben Wedler & Alyssa Plisco

Baghdad Zoo – First Presbyterian Theater, March 3-5

Our Young Heroes series enters an exciting new chapter! As coalition forces invade Iraq in the hunt for Saddam, seven children take cover from the bombs under the kitchen table. Separated from their parents, Leyla, the oldest of the children, becomes responsible for their survival. It’s not long before the need to find food and water forces them out from under the table. As the story unfolds, the children find themselves taking refuge in the Baghdad Zoo, and are shocked to find the animals abandoned in their cages. Based on true events, this is a poignant story of remarkable courage and endurance as the children make the animal’s survival as important as their own.

Written By: Kevin Dyer

Directed By: Gregory Stieber

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher – First Presbyterian Theater, April 28-30

Teenager Jeremy Thatcher discovers a strange magic shop he has never seen before. He enters, and his life is changed forever. Buying what he thinks is a marble, he discovers he has really purchased a dragon’s egg. It soon becomes clear that this is one pet he wasn’t prepared for. How is he supposed to keep a flame-breathing dragon with razor-sharp teeth and an out-of-control appetite in his bedroom? Through the use of giant puppets and innovative staging, Bruce Coville’s award-winning book will magically be brought to life on stage before your eyes.

Adapted for the stage by Tucker Rafferty

Directed by Christopher J. Murphy

Puppet Direction by Todd Espeland

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