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Foodie Friday: Happy Birthday, Julia Child!

Julia Child Noodle Board from JK Creations (FInd them on Facebook!)

This week’s Foodie Friday pays tribute to the most beloved American chef of all time. Born August 15, 1912, Julia Child was 49 when her seminal book Mastering the Art of French Cooking was released and in her 50s when she became a television sensation on PBS. Julia Child has possibly become even more popular since her death on August 13, 2004. This year alone saw the release of a CNN documentary of her life and a competitive cooking show, The Julia Child Challenge, on Food Network. Her own Facebook page touted the upcoming anniversary of her birth with a post and a link to Julia programming on Heritage Radio Network:

“In honor of what would have been Julia’s 110th birthday, on August 15, we’re devoting two episodes of Inside Julia’s Kitchen to some of our favorite Julia Moments from the last few seasons. Part I features “Bread Book” co-authors Chad Robertson and Jen Latham, Chef Sandy D’Amato, Philadelphia Inquirer Food Editor Jamila Robinson, St. John Frizell of Brooklyn’s Gage & Tollner, and Jaíne Mackievicz, the winner of Food Network’s The Julia Child Challenge. Tune in to hear Julia Moments that reflect the joy and inspiration Julia brings to so many, as well as her impact as a talented writer.

Here are a few books to check out to bring Julia into your home as we celebrate her amazing life and contributions to the culinary arts. Bon appetit! (Insert your Julia impression here.)

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