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Don't miss Great Expectations November 12-21!

Great Expectations opens November 12! Get your tickets today.

In a graveyard on Christmas Eve, an escaped convict looms up out of the mist…and orphan Pip’s life is changed forever. Charles Dickens’ famous coming of age novel follows Pip’s education and career, shadowed by a mystery: who is his benefactor? Is it the reclusive Miss Havisham, who teases him with her beautiful ward, Estella? Why is Jaggers the lawyer so secretive? And why does Magwitch the convict turn up again in the dead of night? One of the greatest novels of all time comes vividly to life in this tour de force for eight actors playing 40 roles. Dickens’ unforgettable characters tell a story of loyalty, heartache, and ultimate redemption.

Coming Soon...An interview with director Lauren Nichols and a review of Opening Night!

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