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Broadway Street Stroll Brings Fifth Edition to Fort Wayne This Sunday

Now in its fifth year, Broadway Street Stroll has become one of the best incentives to leave the house on a September Sunday to explore the ever-growing offerings of Fort Wayne. And that’s exactly what Mandie Kolkman, who organizes the event each year, was hoping for from the inception.

“The impetus of the event was to bring people from different zip codes down to the 07 and take some time to explore,” said Kolkman, who is also artistic director of Fort Wayne Dance Collective. “We want people to see what’s there and visit the businesses on Broadway. Every year we hear ‘This place is a gem – we didn’t know this was here.’ There’s just such a cool vibe down there, and it’s great to do it on a Sunday because some businesses are always open on Sunday, some are never open on Sunday. But it’s a chance for people to see all of them on this one day.”

There are 12 businesses on the Stroll, and a map is available at each location so visitors can start wherever they like. Visit as many as convenient, but if you get a stamp from all 12, there will be a drawing at a later date for prizes. Cards can be turned in at stop #9 which happens to be the 07 Pub, site of the Broadway Street Stroll after party. There is also entertainment along the way, including a performance by Hubie Ashcraft at the Clyde from 1-4 p.m.

“The event is sponsored by Electric Works which is important because that really symbolizes what Broadway Stroll is trying to capture,” Kolkman said. “We’re excited to include Electric Works because we’re really excited about what it will do for our community.”

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