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Art Farm Provides a Holiday Shopper's Dream

The last two years have been difficult for artists of all kinds. With so many opportunities to share and earn a living through the work they love so much taken from them, it has been important for folks to continue to support local artists, especially during the holiday season. For a wealth of excellent gift ideas to offer, the Art Farm in Spencerville continues to have some of the coolest, funkiest, and most eclectic but functional art available for more than a month of shopping opportunities. To accommodate continued health concerns, the Art Farm is requiring masks and limiting numbers in their studio, providing a welcoming and safe atmosphere for art lovers.

Along with Art Farm owners Lisa Vetter and Paul Siefert, who repurpose objects and recycle them into new jewelry and mixed media gems, the artists represented come from all over the country, fellow artists met over the years at art fairs throughout the United States.

A piece from Wisconsin artist Erika Mock who is showing her work in Indiana for the first time.

“We have an excellent blend of artists this year,” Vetter said. “Ed Brownlee’s ceramics have a real folk art appeal. He’s returning to the gallery after not being here awhile. We’re big fans of Ed’s work. Katherine Allen is from Georgia and has some mixed media wall hangings which are perfect for gift giving. We have lots of handmade items, and a lot of things that fall under the $50 category. People think ‘art’ and assume it’s going to be expensive. But we have lots of variety and a lot of functional art to choose from.”

Although in past years there has been an opening reception and a closing one (this year they’re open until the second weekend of 2022), the Art Farm is making it safe for people still unsure about venturing out into crowds.

“We have free timed tickets again this year,” Vetter said. “You can go to our website or our Facebook page and sign up for a time to visit on the weekends. Wednesday and Thursday don’t get as busy, but we won’t allow more than six in the studio at a time. If you decide to just drive up here, you don’t have to have a ticket, but if there are already six inside, then you’ll have to wait. And we had people last year sign up with friends, maybe 10 at a time, of families or people who are already comfortable with each other. They brought some wine and had a little shopping trip.”

A visit to the Art Farm Facebook page will provide some excellent examples of the pieces available for holiday shopping. Or if Santa gives you a little spending money for the holidays! For more information, visit

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