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all for One Brings New Playwrights to Their ArtsLab Stage

Each fall all for One hosts a workshop to encourage young playwrights in our area. It’s a unique opportunity for aspiring writers to find a nurturing, supportive atmosphere where they can learn the fundamentals of narratives and take some chances with their own ideas. Tricia Clouse, education director for all for One, now oversees the process every year, one that culminates each May with the Young Playwrights Festival which takes place this coming weekend. For those who want to see the budding talent in our midst, come support them at the ArtsLab in their moment of glory when audiences can get their first glimpse of all-original work. This year’s lineup includes:

Division 1: K-2nd Grade

WINNER: Zion Kiteck (The King and The Princess)

Division 2: 3rd-5th Grade

WINNER: Madelyn Cwanek (The Overcoming of Fear)

RUNNER UP: Paisley Kiteck (Pufferfish, Evil Cats, and Other Matters)

Division 3: 6th-9th Grade

WINNER: Ezekiel Reynolds (The Humor in Horoscopes)

RUNNER UP: Cherish Kiteck (A Book Club Story)

Division 4: 10th-12th Grade

WINNER: Brilynn Maddox (Silence's Chains)

RUNNER UP: Allison Cwanek (The Adventures of A, B and C)

“We bring instructors, writers, a playwright, and a book author to help them learn about plot, and how to name characters,” Clouse said. “We provide some prompts, and it gives them some familiarity. We have stories about royalty, animals, cops and robbers, but we also have a poignant historical drama. We get a lot of humorous stories, but the Division 4 winner is a pretty heavy one set in World War II. The author is a first-time writer for us. The story is super detailed and shows a lot of research.”

Once Clouse has her winners, she needs to find directors. She had some lined up but due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control, life interfered and left her with a void. Then one actor who auditioned opted to direct instead, and she eventually filled those holes. Things fall in place seemingly magically when everyone involved is prepared. So perhaps not so magically. But as a faith-based theatre company, all for One sees a greater plan in such things.

“Young Playwright Festival happens because of trusting the right people to walk in,” Clouse said. “That’s certainly been true for me.”

The Division 1 and 2 winners will be showcased on Friday (May 5) at 7 p.m. while Divisions 3 & 4 will hit the stage on Saturday (May 6) at 2 p.m. Both will take place at the ArtsLab black box in the Auer Center, which is the all for One home stage. Visit their website,, for information about this October’s workshop for your aspiring playwrights.

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